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IELTS PTE Essay Correction: Learn About Other Countries.

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Some people think that travel is necessary to learn about other nations. Others think television and the Internet are the best ways to learn about other countries. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.

In today’s epoch (wrong usage of epoch. It is aloways followed by of. EPOCH OF peace; EPOCH OF globalization, etc.), globalization is one of the controversial aspects of this world. A few people believe that travelling is an essential part to explore about other countries while others opine that Television and the Internet are robust alternatives of to travelling. This essay will have comparative analyze on both sides, to conclude. (Writing “this essay ……” is not recommended.)

Admittedly, travelling serve serves as a veritable tool to receive authentic information regarding any country because all the exploring experiences are live ??? and can be re-confirmed quickly (What do you mean by reconfirmed? Sentence meaning is not clear.). Take for instance China, where the government provides free tourist visa for people aged 18 and above to encourage and revive touring around the world. Later year (Nothing called later year exists in the English language), the statistics showed (You’ve earlier used the present tense and now you’ve switched to the past tense.) an increase in socializing behavior and general knowledge, in particular among the young generation. As a result, it enhanced (Tense problem) the social and intelligence quotient.

However, in this era of cutting-edge technology, Television and the internet are considered as effective modes to broadcast any information by just a single click. It helps to save both hard-earned money and time together. For example, the National Geographic team telecast travelling telecasts travel documentaries along with launching internet tourism blogs all together to keep update the people (about what?) anywhere around the world. It helps improve impart information about the facts and figures of the desired country at any time.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that effort of a (Article usage) voyage holds more importance for the long-term impact on interpersonal communications and longevity in any community (the question is not on communications or longevity. Rather it is on learning about a country.) rather the virtual tours with lack of experiencing the real life adventures.

240 Words. Short of words. Bands = 6.0. Please go through my essays under WRITING TASK 2 to understand how to structure an introduction and a conclusion.

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