Answer Checking

IELTS Academic Task 1 Correction: Destination of the U.K Graduates and Post-Graduates.

These charts give data on the destination of U.K graduates and post-graduates (excluding full-time work) for the year 2008.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

20 minutes, 150 words.

Please go through my answer and structure of this topic.


The first horizontal bar provides information about regarding/ on (the information is not about something but regarding something) the number of graduate students engage engaged in different works whereas, the (missing article) second one represents the number of post graduate students who participated in various works jobs in 2008.

Overall, the largest (Missing article) number of graduate and post graduate students study preferred studying further while the least number of students engage engaged (past tense) in voluntary work in 2008.

About 29665 number of graduate students study (Tense) further which was maximum more than all other purposes. Similarly, 17735 number of students engaged in part time work may be to support study financially (Please do not make your own conjectures in task 1). Unemployed graduates were also in large number that is 16235 More than 16000 graduates remained unemployed during the given period. Likewise, only 3500 numbers of people preferred to do voluntary work.

In terms of Among post graduate students, approximately (That’s the exact number, not an approximation.) only 2725 students want to study more while the number of part time workers significantly increased to 2535 numbers after post graduation. Likewise (Word repetition), unemployment Unemployed post graduates are significantly less/ fewer than the unemployed graduates. drastically decreased as compared to graduate students. As a result, only 1625 students did not get job. Finally, only 345 students liked to accomplish voluntary work in 2008.

158 words. Please work on improving your sentence structure.

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