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IELTS PTE Essay Correction: Assess Students’ Ability Through Exams.

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Some people believe that schools should not assess a student’s ability through exams but instead assess the by their course work and project work over the whole academic year. Do you agree?

IELTS: 40 minutes, 250 words at least.

PTE: 20 minutes, 200 to 300 words.


There are various assessment methods used by schools to evaluate the level of ability of a student. It is argued that the course work and project outcomes should be the assessment criteria instead of examination. In my opinion, project based practical knowledge and theoretical education of learners should be assessed by educational institutes. Therefore, both assessment methods should be in cooperated in academic evaluation (Repetition of previous sentence in different words.). This essay will discuss the reasons why both assessment methods should be used by schools(Please go through any of my Writing Task 2 or PTE essays to learn the elements of a good introduction.)

An (Missing Article) examination is used to assess the level of understanding of the theory learned in the class room. Theoretical knowledge is essential to handle practical issues they would face in the industry. For example, students who study biology should know the symptoms of a disease and the first aid treatment by heart so that they can promptly attended in attend an emergency situation. Therefore, the (Missing Article) examination should be one of the assignment assessment methods at schools.

Furthermore, course works and projects are given to the students to gain practical experience and to improve their innovative thinking. Examining these work works will help to understand the capability of a student in implementing what they learned at in school in a real-world situation. In general, practical learning is different from theory. So, the schools have the responsibility to develop the thinking and provide practical experience to the students in order to face the real-life situations. Hence, course work and projects should be evaluated to see the capability of handling industrial projects.

Overall, this essay discussed that the student’s ability should be evaluated through examination and project work so that the students will have confident confidence in theoretical and practical knowledge which is are highly needed to act wisely at work place. (Please avoid this essay will discuss; this essay discussed. Not advisable.)

277 words. Bands = 6.5. Please work on the introduction. 

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