Improve Vocabulary (28 August 2017): Unprecedented Floods in Houston.

Houston IELTS PTE.jpg

A view of Greater Houston. Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Houston, the most populous city of Texas, is in the grip of a hurricane Harvey that has caused more than 75 centimeters of rainfall inundating large parts of the city. The city has witnessed an entire year’s rainfall within a week leading to overstretching of the rescue services and forcing the residents to fend for themselves.

Grip: A tight hold; a firm grasp.

Inundate: To cover with flood water.

Overstretch: To extend beyond what is reasonable or usual.

Fend: To give support; provide.

On a scale of one to five, Harvey was category four storm when it hit the coast and has since been downgraded to a tropical storm. The entire city’s power and other critical infrastructure have been disrupted and the administration is making concerted efforts to restore it.

Downgrade: To lower the status or rank.

Infrastructure: The underlying base or foundation on which something is built.

Disrupt: To break apart so as to prevent normal functioning.

Concerted: Determined or planned.

Restore: To bring back into existence.

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