IELTS Essay August 2017: Travel Necessary to Learn About Other Nations.

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Some people think that travel is necessary to learn about other nations. Others, however, think that TV and the Internet are the best ways to learn about other countries. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Please go through a similar essay for the PTE Exam.

Introduction: (Introduce the topic and MENTION reasons supporting both opinions. EXPLAIN these reasons in the body paragraphs.)

In a globalized world, we cannot survive without learning about other countries, and about international political and economic developments. Watching the television and surfing the Internet help us learn about global developments from experienced reporters and field experts. However, travel is a better way to learn since it offers a first-hand experience and helps in networking.

Body Paragraph 1: (Reasons supporting television and the Internet)

Global news networks such as the B.B.C and Al Jazeera along with newspapers and magazines such as the Economist and the New York Times have a team of professional journalists who offer deeply researched insights on different countries. Reading detailed reports from these networks on the Internet gives an individual an idea of events, ranging from business to politics, in various countries. Moreover, these sources broadcast any new information or news as soon as it is generated. Hence, it keeps us informed with the latest content.

Body Paragraph 2: (Reasons supporting travel)

However, the Internet and television fail to provide the first-hand experience that helps in a person’s learning and growth. Travel, on the other hand, enables an individual to absorb various global events using all sensory perceptions. A person not only sees the prevailing conditions with his own eyes but also listens to the first-hand accounts of the people. Thus, travel helps build a personal as well as professional network that television and the Internet cannot. Furthermore, without traveling in a country, a person cannot understand the local culture and traditions which are vital in the modern business environment, For instance, famous international investors such as Jim Rogers prefer visiting various countries such as India, China, and Russia before making investment decisions.

Conclusion(Conclude the essay with elements of FUTURE and IMPACT)

In conclusion, while travel offers a better learning experience, it is painfully slow. On the other hand, television and the Internet offer immediate information without the benefit of depth of learning. To learn about other countries, a person should prefer an optimum mixture of both channels.

309 words.

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  1. Could you please give me some comment on this response, thanks.

    Whether it is the Arctic or the Antarctic, the Himalayas or the Alps, the Amazons or the Sahara deserts, exotic attractions like these always sound exciting for new visitors. While some people think we can effortlessly learn some knowledge about foreign countries and destinations through TV and the Internet, I believe that it is the travelling experience to these places would give us the thorough and true taste of their beauties.

    On the one hand, those argue TV and the Internet are the best ways are mainly convinced by the abundance of information and easy access these tools provide. Indeed, the inventions of TV and the Internet both revolutionized common folks’ capabilities to visually explore the outside world. Very recently, the popularity of the Internet-based social media such as Facebook or Youtube broadened human beings’ vision on other nations another step further with its great easiness and social nature. So, will all these development in information technology in hand, it is natural to think we deserve the time as well as the energy to be save by simply sitting on the couch and exploiting them.

    On the other hand, those who insist travel is a better choice firmly believe that it is the personal experience that matters when it come to getting to know another country. While enjoying the comfort and convenience by staying at home, you are also loosing your chance to personally and physically expose yourself to another culture, which could be totally different. For example, westerners who have been to China often hold different views on certain issues such as food and security from those who would just indulge themselves in news report on this country. Admittedly, once we visit a country in person that we have have only been hearing of, we tend to change our ideas on it, which has been proved true by many people’s experiences. No matter how advanced and sophisticated information technology has become, TV views or the Internet browsers would always be left out of touch of true exotic joy.


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