IELTS PTE Reading Comprehension: Machine Learning.

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Image Courtesy: Erik Charlton – Flickr

Machine Learning PDF: Please click on the link below to download the reading comprehension file. The file contains 13 questions. You can either answer them on the file or give answers in the form below.

I’m writing the answers in the comments section below. Please read the passage in 20 minutes and answer the 13 questions before checking.

You can separately request heading/ themes and key words in the comments section.

Best wishes.

Machine Learning Reading Comprehension IELTS PTE

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    • Answers:
      1. E
      2. G
      3. F
      4. B
      5. D
      6. Make learning an enjoyable experience.
      7. It improves interaction to meet individual needs of students
      8. Sidney Pressey
      9. Macintosh computers
      10. Information Technology
      11. Teacher’s role
      12. Factory model

      Please feel free to ask any question.


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