IELTS Writing Task 2 (September 2017): Friends Through Social Media.

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Many people make friends through social sites and chat rooms. Others believe that it is not a good idea to make friends without meeting them face to face. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your own opinion and relevant examples.

IELTS: 40 minutes, 250 words at least.

PTE: 20 minutes, 200 to 300 words.


Instead of writing an answer, let me present a structure and help you write better.

Introduction: The question statement presents two views. Since you’re supposed to write 40 to 50 words in the introduction (2 sentences), I’ll suggest writing an introductory sentence on friendship and/ or social media and the second sentence on your opinion (agree or disagree). Do not forget to mention the reasons supporting your opinion. Explain these in the body paragraphs.

Sample introduction:

“With the advancement of technologies such as smartphones and the Internet, people spend a lot of time on social media. Though some people believe in making friends only after a personal interaction, I strongly support the idea of making friends online since it is not only more convenient but also helps develop friendships with people from diverse backgrounds.” (58 words.)

Body Paragraph 2: Use this paragraph to EXPLAIN the reason 1 (Convenient) and try writing an example. Please write about 70 to 90 words – 4 to 5 sentences.

Body Paragraph 3: Use this paragraph to EXPLAIN the reason 2 (people from diverse backgrounds) along with an example. Please write about 70 to 90 words – 4 to 5 sentences.

Conclusion: Finally, it is time to write a powerful and scoring conclusion. Please make sure that the conclusion is not the same as an introduction. While the introduction is meant to convey the ideas that will be discussed in the body paragraphs, the conclusion is used to express ideas for the FUTURE. Conclusion, thus, goes beyond the essay topic. Please write a conclusion in about 40 to 50 words – 2 sentences.

Sample Conclusion:

“In conclusion, making friends on social media is an excellent way to network and gain insights about various cultures and countries. It is a convenient way to resolve international and inter-cultural conflicts, and create a sustainable society.” (37 words.)

Please go through a student’s answer as well.

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  1. IELTS: 40 minutes, 250 words at least.

    Nowadays, majority of people are equipped with gadgets which give them the liberty to make friends from across the globe. At the same time, rest of them thinks that online friendship does not establish an intact bonding as compare to meeting someone in-person. I certainly agree that we should meet the person to make friends.
    On the one hand, as technology is evolving with time, it certainly provides us the freedom and flexibility to communicate around the world. Albeit social networking sites and chat rooms are the platform from where people can enhance their understanding of multiculturalism and interact with native people to learn new language, culture, societal values and much more. For instance, there is a developing phenomenon of exchange program which allow us to make new friends and exchange of ideas.
    On the other hand, if you meet a person that develops emotional and personal attachment towards the person. Nonetheless, the emotional attraction is essential to establish a friendship or a relation. For instance, in Europe, some studies has shown significant drawbacks of online friendship as people do not find a bonding with online friends. In addition to that, people who are interacting with friends’ in-person are happier than the online friendship ones’.
    In my opinion, emotionally connected people are leading happier and successful life. They feel more secure, less stress and their span of life is much better than the others. So, I believe that meeting with people makes a lot more difference than we think of. In future, I think that this philosophy of meeting in-person will evolve in a tremendous way.


  2. With the advent of the internet in the twenty first century, people now find it easier to get on with others and make friends easily. While this trend has been encouraged by some people, i believe that making friends on the social media not only causes moral decadence, but also has caused abuse and watered down the real value of friendship.
    In the face of increasing moral decadence in the society, research was conducted by the United Nations to find the cause of this disturbing trend and obviously, it was pointed out that the social media has been the root cause. Youths now spend productive hours on the internet engaging in societal vices in the name making friends. Most parents are computer illiterates and this has given their wards opportunity to engage in any form of sexual vices of their choice on the internet.
    Further more, the value of true friendship is no longer seen in modern day. I remember vividly when my dad introduced me to some of his friends when i was young, then, you could see true friendship in action. They were selfless. Nowadays, because people have little knowledge about their friends, friendship is no longer held in high esteem. The core reason for this is that most of these friends are made through the social media and most people on the social media do not show their real attitudes there.
    In conclusion, friendship is better made through real life situations than through social media and parents should also be encouraged to know what their kids engage in while in the internet.


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