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IELTS Essay August 2017: Travel Necessary to Learn About Other Nations – 1.

travel countries IELTS PTE

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Some people think that travel is necessary to learn about other nations. Others, however, think that TV and the Internet are the best ways to learn about other countries. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


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Undoubtedly, tourism is a significant method for knowing the world closely. Some individuals believe that journeys are obligatory to learn other countries cultures, lifestyles, and history while opponents others think that television and social sites the Internet are superior means to understand about abroad other countries(41 words. Just fine. Try mentioning reasons that you plan to explain the body paragraphs.)

On the one hand, a person, who wants to experience the real beauty of other nations’ unique places such as historical buildings and monuments, and understand their culture (Implement Parallelism correctly), (Modifier) must visit of a the country  personally is mandatory for that individual.

Understand modifiers.

A person, who wants to experience the real beauty of other nations’ unique places such as historical buildings and monuments, and understand their culture, must visit the country personally. Modifier article.

Travel is not only limited for enables learning about a knowing particular nation, but also helps in confidence building (Parallelism, again), and dealing with real-life situations (Restructure the sentence to include the final part within not only ….., but also….). Furthermore, while traveling, traveler catch’s catches many original and unforgettable views vividly in photographs and sweet memories in own mind as well as capture in photos form(78 words. Excellent length.)

On the other hand, By watching videos, movies, and various television channels that are broadcasting on television is also a great way to learn about foreign countries. This method is for those individuals who want to visit or know about nations, however, they have do not have enough time and money. Though it saves a person‘s time and income, but he does is not able to view the original beauty of other nations. Instead of this, he can see only those views that are sometime sometimes animated or listen to wrong information that created at the of shooting places ??. Moreover, he cannot experience those obstacles that come occur during traveling and give design real-life solutions to tackle with problems. (107 words.)

To conclude, both the ways of grabbing knowledge have their own significance. It all depends on a person’s interest as well as ability. In addition, the government is also providing many facilities such as low rate of fare price fares to tourists and laws for the their protection of them(43 words. Perfect length.)

Words = 269. Bands = 6.0.

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