IELTS G.T Task 1 (September 2017): Moving to a New Office.

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Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons.

You will be moving to a new office soon. Write a letter to the general manager to request some necessary equipment for your future office. In your letter say

– What equipment will you need?
– Explain why you will need it.
– Suggest where to get it from and why.

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


Dear Manager,

Since my office is shifting from Greater Kailash to Connaught Place, New Delhi, I am writing this letter to request some special equipment that is necessary to conduct my business efficiently. (Introduction)

Firstly, I need a Coffee and tea dispensing machine. The head-office has decided to dispose-off the old machine in this office. Moreover, some of the furniture such as the conference table is being sent to the nearby Gurgaon office. Consequently, I will need a new one to conduct staff meetings and discuss business with clients. The projector, unfortunately, was damaged during the shifting process. The movers and takers will reimburse the damages to the company. However, I urgently need a wifi-enabled projector to discuss various business issues with team members and clients. (Equipment, Why)

Though we can purchase these items at a competitive price from the nearby market, I will suggest inviting our trusted vendors from Banglore. Though the final price will be higher, our company will get the best products and quality after-sales service. (Purchase, Why)

164 words.

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