IELTS/ PTE Essay: Parenting Training Course.

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Parents have a greater influence on their children’s future success than schools do. Governments should, therefore, provide ”parenting training courses” rather than ”teacher training courses”. Do you agree with this idea?

IELTS: 40 minutes, 250 words at least.

PTE: 20 minutes, 200 to 300 words.


Introduction: (Introduce the topic while giving your opinion. MENTION the reasons supporting your opinion and EXPLAIN them in the body paragraphs.)

A child’s cognitive development depends on the social environment that includes both home and school. However, the child learns more from parents than from teachers. Governments should focus more on parenting training courses since home’s atmosphere lays the foundation of a child’s career while not losing focus on teacher-training courses because schools reinforce the home’s learnings(56 words.)

Body Paragraph 1: (Reason 1: foundation)

An infant receives life’s first lessons from his parents and gets influenced by the family atmosphere till adulthood. The parents’ behavior at home and outside along with their habits make an indelible mark on a child’s psyche and lay the foundation for entire life. For instance, studies have proved that children of alcoholic parents indulge in substance abuse during teenage and adulthood. Similarly, kids of parents who read books tend to read books. Consequently, governments must invest in parenting training courses so that the parents understand how to behave and act in front of a child. (96 words.)

Body Paragraph 2: (Reason 2: Schools’ reinforce)

However, governments can’t neglect teacher training programs since children learn a lot at schools. While the foundation of a child’s future success is built at home, school reinforces the learning with proper education and socialization. Undoubtedly, teachers, as well as the peer group, influences a child’s cognitive development through education as well as personal interaction. A recent British study of prosperous people has revealed that most of them had parents who were educated as well as successful and schools which were reputed and whose teachers were qualified. (87 words.)

Conclusion: (Conclude the essay with FUTURE and/or IMPACT.)

In conclusion, if governments pursue both teacher training and parental training seriously, the future generation will not only develop a strong foundation but also gain meaningful skills. This will make a country economically stable and socially sustainable. (37 words.)

Total Words = 276.

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  1. Parents have a greater influence on their children’s future success than schools do. Governments should, therefore, provide ”parenting training courses” rather than ”teacher training courses”. Do you agree with this idea?

    IELTS: 40 minutes, 250 words at least.

    It is emphatically true that parents have enormous influence on their kids in future success than the educational institutions. Furthermore, it is indispensable to give “parenting training courses” at the place of “teacher training courses”. Although, I partially agree with this idea because majority of people believe in school education. In order to enhance the level of education, it is cardinal to give “teacher training courses”.

    On the one hand, psychologists have shown some insight of “parenting training courses” which have advantages but, these are not applicable for everyone. For instance, in India, the ratio of educated people is much lesser than the illiterate people, so, it would not be practically possible to execute this idea. Nonetheless, these training courses will be a success in western world as they are well equipped with technology and other resources. Moreover, it could be an overwhelming experience for the parents and children.

    On the other hand, as, psychologist Carol Dweck has written a book Mindsets which gives an insight of the human behavior of learning new ideas and concepts. For example, in her book, she talked about the concept of teaching that leads to great success in her experiments such as how to develop the grit in the students. In addition to this, if we could establish a skill based “teacher training courses”, it will be a significant process to teach school students.

    In conclusion, it depends on the requirement of the country and the availability of the resources. In future, it might be possible that “parenting training courses” replace “teacher training courses”, however, currently, it is certainly challenging in several parts of the world.


  2. Parents have a greater influence on their children’s future success than schools do. Governments should, therefore, provide ”parenting training courses” rather than ”teacher training courses”. Do you agree with this idea?

    PTE: 20 minutes, 200 to 300 words.

    Although such topics, in all likelihood, never will yield in a consensual agreement, a constructive dialogue on The influence of parents and schools on the children’s success and the role of government in providing training courses can lead to thought-provoking discussions. My view is that irrespective of the numerous disputes on either side, parents have a greater influence on children’s success than schools, so governments should provide parents training courses than teacher training courses.

    On the one hand, there are some people who shed light on the fact that schools have greater influence on children’s success and should be provided with teacher training courses by the government. They may argue that, schools have greater influence as the children spent most of the day in schools and under the supervision of their teachers which affect and shape their mindset and attiitude. For instance, schools have influence on children but up to a limited level.

    However, in spite of these arguments, I believe that parents should have the support of the government by the parents training courses as it would have various favorable consequences. Firstly, most of the children try to emulate their parents in their actions and reactions. For example, if the child see his father or mother a successful person, he would try to be like him or her. Secondly, parents rules and ethics are lifestyle rules however, school and teacher rules are only implemented at school. Lastly, in a nutshell, parents are the preferable to be provided by the government training course rather than teachers.

    I see there is an evidence to fortify the contention I have provided. Thus, I am inclined to come to the conclusion that government should provide the parents training courses rather than teachers, as they have a greater influence on children’s success than schools.


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