IELTS Writing Task 2 September 2017: Sports Lessons for Boys and Girls.

Sports Lessons IELTS PTE

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Many people believe sports lessons are important in the school timetable. Both boys and girls should take part in sports. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Give your opinion and include relevant examples from your own experience.

IELTS: 40 minutes, 250 words at least.

PTE: 20 minutes, 200 to 300 words.


Introduction: (Introduce the topic and state your opinion and MENTION the reasons supporting your opinion. EXPLAIN these reasons with examples in the body paragraph.)

Physical activities play an instrumental role in the overall development of a child. I strongly believe that all students, irrespective of gender, should participate in sports not only because it provides the much-needed break from classroom study and increases focus but also because it makes a child physically strong(50 words.)

Body Paragraph 1: (Reason 1 – break and focus)

Psychologists have proven that sports and physical activity tend to break the monotony of studies and rejuvenate kids for further education. An hour of sports during the middle of the day, for instance, increases a child’s ability on concentrate on studies by at least 50 percent. If students are devoid of such activities, though they invest more time in studying various subjects, they tend to grasp and score less than students who play sports intermittently. (75 words.)

Body Paragraph 2: (Reason 2 – physically strong)

Moreover, the purpose of a school education is not only to teach certain subjects to students but also to promote their overall development. Along with an informed and knowledgeable mind, students need a strong body so that they can carry -out daily tasks effectively and efficiently. An industry report has recently confirmed that physically strong employees are able to work for longer hours without any distraction of body pain. Consequently, various companies prefer hiring people who indulge in sports. To make today’s children better employees in the future, schools need to inculcate the habit of playing sports. (96 words.)

Conclusion: (Conclude the essay with FUTURE and IMPACT)

In conclusion, if we want a society with robust and responsible citizens who can make better decisions and contribute to economic development, schools will have to invest in sports infrastructure and motivate all students to participate in one physical activity or another. This will make our society stronger and sustainable. (50 words.)

Total Words = 271 words.

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