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IELTS Essay Correction: Number of Animals and Plants Declining – 1.

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In many countries, the number of animals and plants are declining. Why do you think is it happening? How to solve this issue?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Please go through the sample answer as well.

The Biodiversity plays an important role in the Ecosystem of earth, but from however during the last few decades an the population of endangered species such as polar bear, giant panda, Indian vulture, and white tiger, are all at extinction place is falling at a rapid pace. Vanishing of plants and animals due to several factors including the environmental factors and human interference, these reasons which are interrelated to each other. Learn how to connect sentences and eliminate redundant words. (57 words.)

Firstly, the population (whose population? Animal or human?) is increasing significantly and their (Population is singular.) living standard changes overwhelmingly. The human being’s first needs are shelter, food, and clothes. They start cutting of trees for their own benefits and selfishness, it which leads to deforestation. Consequently, the habitat habitats of animals and plants are seriously suffered destroyed and lead to the declining rate (of what? Incomplete.). Secondly, the Global warming and caused by greenhouse gases effect is another reason which directly affects the glaciers of various regions. These glaciers start melts are melting down rapidly due to rising temperature of the earth. As a result, many disasters occur in form of floods, acid rains, and sunami tsunami. It affects biodiversity and many species erodes with this disasters. (108 words.)

However, the government takes many is taking several steps to overcome from this immense problem. First, ban on cutting of trees, it decreases unnecessary deforestation (banning deforestation will prevent unnecessary cutting down of trees). For instance, luxury wooden furniture and fittings in home ????? (incomplete sentence). Second, control on population, to control population the government should provide free contraceptives not only in government dispensaries but also in private medical stores, so that people can take these measures free of cost, consequently, it . This helps in population control which is the biggest factor of extinction of endangered species. Third, strict law and orders legislate legislation/ regulation over chemical industries which releases release hazardous gases into the environment. It also decreases this problem at to some extent. (100 words.)

In conclusion, the government would should provide license only to echo ??? industries which control this extinction species problem. The people need to grow plant more trees and protect existing ones so that in future the endangered species survive dramatically flourishes on the earth. If people grow trees and plants, it would definitely help biodiversity. The conservation of biodiversity is our prime responsibility, to preserve this for our future generations. Poorly structured sentence (61 words.)

Total Words = 326 words.

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