IELTS Cue Card September 2017: A Website You Like.

Website IELTS PTE.jpg

Image Courtesy: medithIT Flickr

Talk about a useful website that you like. Please say

– what website this is
– how you discovered it
– what you use it for


Let me indulge in self-aggrandizement and write an answer praising

I am an Internet enthusiast who loves to explore the web for new and exciting things. Last month, I stumbled on an English language website Since I’m planning to take the IELTS exam and I can’t travel to an educational institution, I was searching for a website to help me in this endeavor.

Since then, I’ve been using this website for all the modules of the exam. The online faculty members are experts in their respective modules and I write two writing-tasks every day. I also practice three reading passages along with four listening tests. The unique feature of this website is that all my essays are reviewed every day and I get feedback to improve my writing. I’m planning to use this website to score more than seven bands in the exam.

Follow-up Questions.

– What are the effects of the Internet on children?
– Do you think that it is good?
– Does the Internet replace TV in entertainment?
– What is the role of the Internet in education?
– Can you depend on it?
– Some people think that online learning will eventually replace the traditional teaching methods, what is your opinion?

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