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IELTS Essay Correction: Factories Located in Countries Different from the Location of their Head Office – 1.

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More and more companies are producing goods in factories located in countries different from the location of their head office. What are the advantages or disadvantages of this trend?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Undoubtedly, economic globalization is accelerating rapidly everywhere from the past few years, and every businessmen businessman (every = singular; businessmen = plural) want wants to expand their his business in foreign countries for immense profits. Since, this is cost effective for tiny and colossal businesses, while sometimes it would be unlucrative. The reasons are not clear enough. (41 words.)

Firstly, Elaborating firms expanding operations in foreign countries is a an excellent way to produce more capital and know advanced technology ??? from the world. For instance, if a businessman opens a another factory in foreign offshore, where he hires skilled employees on low wages and also acquires raw materials on less costs, hence his factory will produce goods on low capital and their the skilled workers make better and competitive products than other markets products players. This will surely be profitable commerce for his company. This is a badly structured paragraph. Word repetitions, poor word choice. Wrong pronoun. Wrong “if …., then …..” clause. (77 words.)

In contrast, the major disadvantages of producing objects in different nations are lack of security, weak control, and miscommunication barriers. First, goods that are produced in different country are thefted (theft is a noun, not a verb) either stolen or misplaced while during transportation time. It spoils most of the capital in searching and resending to the exact place. Second, in foreign countries businessmen speak mostly in the English language, hence the commerce man who has not knowledge of English, sometimes mishear the particular quantity of objects (Not a well explained point. Rephrase: A global team in various manufacturing units spread across various countries bring people from different cultures closer to each other. This often leads to cultural and linguistic barriers that ultimately causes a communication barrier and business losses.). it leads to not complete their order at given deadline. similarly, sometime supplier made poor quality products, hence it puts negative impact on factory reputation and income of businessman. (98 words. You’ve raised three points and explained none in detail.)

In conclusion, if businessmen locate their sub companies production units not only in the native country but also in the foreign country (How can they locate their plants both at home and abroad?), this will lead to global economic development and stability. This will ensure integration and interdependence of commerce in the world. (36 words. Too short. Add 10 more words.)

Total words = 252 words.

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