Reading Exercise: Calypso Music

Calypso Music IELTS PTE.jpg

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons – Leonora Enking

The following passage has been extracted from the B.B.C. Please read the complete article HERE.

Please read this passage using the technique of skimming. This technique involves reading really fast by ignoring the regular words and noting down numbers and proper nouns such as names of people, places, organizations, events, etc. Take 30 seconds and mark keywords. I’m sharing the keywords at the end of the passage.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 4.24.50 AM.png

Keywords: Carribean, Calypso, Cold War, Harry Belafonte, 1956, LP album, Banana Boat, Jamaica, Trinidad, 1993, Mighty Chalkdust.

Once you’re done with the keywords, you have a fair idea of what the passage is about. You need not understand every word. Let us proceed to the questions.

Take FIVE minutes to complete the following seven questions.

The Calypso music, which was born in ……(1)….. has ……(2)……… and ……(3)…….. foundation. It touches various issues ranging from …..(4)…… to …..(5)……. that concern the life of a common citizen. The first album of this genre of music that sold more than a million copies was that of …..(6)…… 1956 album though it was actually a ……(7)……

Congratulations if you completed the reading as well as questions within 5 minutes 30 seconds! I’ve mentioned the answers in the comments section below.

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