IELTS G.T Task 1: Volunteer for a Sports Event.

volunteer IELTS PTE

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Apply for a volunteering work for a sporting event that is going to be held in your city next month. In your letter say

– Why are you interested in this work?
– How could you help during the event?
– Suggest an improvement in some area of the event.

20 minutes, 150 words.


Please go through a similar G.T. Task 1 question asked in August 2017 IELTS Exam: Advertisement Recruiting Volunteers.

Dear ……..,

I read your advertisement about recruiting volunteers for the upcoming Australia Open Tennis Tournament to be held next month in Sydney. I wish to participate in the event since I have been playing professional tennis since five years of age.

During my tennis career, I have volunteered for several local, provincial, national and international tennis tournaments ranging from the Sydney Tennis Club matches to Australia Open in 2016. I have carried out activities such as managing the crowd at these events and ensuring adequate facilities for the players. Consequently, I have enough experience not only in actual volunteering work but also in training other volunteers. 

Using my experience of the past events I suggest the organizers of this year’s event must pay greater attention to residential facilities for the international players. Last year the players informally complained about non-functioning airconditioners and inadequate water for morning ablutions. 

I look forward to participating and offering my valuable services in this event.


159 words.

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