Reading Exercise: Mountain Hare

Mountain hare IELTS PTE.jpg

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

The following passage has been extracted from the B.B.C. Visit the B.B.C website to read the complete article. Please read the following passage in 1 minute and mark the keywords.

Mountain Hare

Answer the following questions within 6 minutes.


True: If the statement agrees with the passage

False: If the statement contradicts the passage.

Not Given: If there is no information on this.

  1. The shooting estates have effectively conserved the species.
  2. The international law mandates the governments to protect endangered species.
  3. The number of hares killed during the past few years cannot be estimated.

Complete the following sentences in no more than three words.

The principle of …….(4)….. has been poorly implemented and has failed to protect the mountain hare. This has resulted in reckless culling and ………..(5)…….. leading to potential local extinction. The unregulated killing of mountain hare means that the Scottish government is violating …….(6)…………

Please go to the comments section to find out the correct answers. Feel free to discuss any question.

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