IELTS Speaking Advice …..

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Okay, here are a few important tips and answers to common IELTS Speaking questions.

IELTS Speaking Test is not a test of content or knowledge. It is a test of your language ability. Students are often worried about the quality of their ideas. Do not worry whether your answer is relevant or not as long as it is delivered in correct English.

Moreover, it is not a test of how accurately and truthfully you give an answer. In other words, you can LIE. Just make sure you do not make any grammar mistake or lose fluency while thinking of something creative.

Do not repeat your statement and/ or words. “I believe the sports are important because ….. important because …….”. No. You’ll lose score for that. Even if you’ve said something wrong, do not try to correct it. Doing so will unnecessarily create stress and will consume energy that you could have used in delivering the right answer (right = correct English).

Should I repeat the question statement? Well, try not to. Repeating the question statement is often construed as the candidate’s inability to present an answer in her own words. Practice speaking in your own language. Develop your vocabulary.

Speaking English is not meant for the IELTS class only. I advise students to speak on various common topics at home. Observe the things around you closely – family, technology, neighbors, city, television, newspaper, furniture, clothes, jewelry, books, college, job. The list is endless.

Record your voice and you can share it with me. I’ll be happy to offer some feedback. My WhatsApp number is +91 9888922203.

The more you practice speaking on these topics, the better will be your command over the language. This will not only give you greater firepower to extend your answers, but also develop the ability to talk about likes, dislikes, habits, and opinions.

Best wishes for your endeavor!


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