IELTS G.T Task 1: Unpaid Work at Hospital.

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Your local hospital has advertised for people to do unpaid work helping at the hospital. You would like to do some work at the hospital in your free time.

Write a letter to the hospital. In your letter:

1. Explain why you would like to do the unpaid work at the hospital.

2. Say what type of unpaid work you would be able to do.

3. Give details when you would be available for this work.

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter with reference to your advertisement in The Times of India on 1st October regarding part-time voluntary work at your hospital. (Introductory sentence)

I am deeply interested in joining your institution since it will give me not only contentment and personal satisfaction but also relevant experience. I intend to use this experience along with my one-year training in the emergency ward of the Ivy hospital, Chandigarh, to secure employment in a reputed hospital in Mumbai. (Why you would like?)

Moreover, I understand the functioning of various intensive care equipments and know the emergency protocols. I will prefer to work in your hospital’s Intensive Care Unit so that I can use my experience at the Ivy hospital to serve the patients. (Type of unpaid work.)

Currently, I am pursuing a masters degree at the Dayanand Medical College and have classes from 8 am to 5 pm. Consequently, I can serve only during the night shift. (Work time.)

I will feel privileged if you provide me the opportunity to render my services. (Closing sentence)

Yours Faithfully,


Total Words = 162.

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