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IELTS Essay Correction: A few People Earn Huge Salary.

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In some countries, a few people earn extremely high salaries. Some people think that this is good for a country, while others believe that the government should control salaries and limit the amount people can earn. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.

Please go through the sample answer HERE.

An very low extremely small number of employees take the highest earn high salaries in some nations. Some people opine that this is useful for that country since it helps in retaining skilled workers, whilst others think that the government should have regulations over regulate salaries as it develops in bringing equality among people. Let us link these two sentences: While some people opine that a few individuals earning high salaries in a country is beneficial since it helps in retaining skilled workers, others think that the government should as it leads to inequality in the society. (IT should refer to the same thing – a few people earning high salaries.)

In my opinion, I firmly believe (I firmly believe = my opinion. Repetition.) that authorities should not put any objection for paying the highest salaries because better salaries mean good workforce for the country. (75 words. Too long. Keep it short and invest more in the body paragraphs.)

Nowadays, an intelligent and hardworking person are is highly paid in any country because the skilled workforce is limited and they it (refers to the skilled workforce) can be retained only by offering huge pays an attractive income. Moreover, these employees work sincerely in building up products and services by maintaining standard operating procedures. For instance, an American company (There is no GOOGLE in this sentence. Hope this is clear.) Google’s chief executive officer, Mr. Sunder Pichai, who was born in India, is the highest paid person in the world who is the Indian born. He developed the business to next level by making increasing profits three times in just one year. (82 words)

The government must regulate incomes because equality is the an essential part of good governance. Furthermore, companies violate the basic rules and regulations of employment and harass the people who are getting the most earnings for not making the profits within a limited period. For example, Tata motor’s company managing director Mr. Sirus Cyrus was the highest paid employee in India but was fired by the top management within six months as he was unable to make turn the company into profits. (77 words.)

In conclusion, while some people opine that government should monitor pay scales since it helps in bringing equality, others think that the highest wages attract the best individuals as it makes the company and nation into profits. (You can paraphrase the introduction. But you can’t repeat it word for word.) Paraphrase: In conclusion, higher salaries for a few results in greater inequality on one hand and attracts the best global talent on the other.

In my opinion, I strongly think that the governments should give freedom to the companies regarding the payment because better salaries mean good workforce for the country. (64 words.)

Total words = 298.

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