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IELTS Essay Correction: People Prefer E-books Over Paper Books.

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More and more people prefer to read ebooks rather than paper books. What are the reasons for this? What problems can this cause for libraries?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


With the advent of technology, many people choose their electronic gadgets to read downloaded books instead of printed books. This essay will describe the causes for their this choice, and will also elaborate the problems this trend making for libraries(Prefer mentioning REASONS. Though a few books and teachers recommend writing “this essay will describe ….”, this is a wrong approach.) Prefer: … printed books since the electronic books are convenient and easier to purchase than paper books. This trend has resulted in closing down of several traditional libraries. (Mention in the introduction, Explain in the body paragraphs.)

One of the main reasons for this preferance of readers is convenience(No need of this line after making the above changes in the introduction.) That is to say, the reader has does not need to carry heavy paper books, rather he can use his mobile or laptop to read ebooks easily while travelling, or sitting comfortably in his room. This can be exemplified by my own case that I don’t like carry printed books while on a journey, instead, I use my mobile to read downloaded books easily. (This is not an example. This is a mere repetition of the statement made earlier with “I”. A good example has FACTS to link to the essay. Example: A recent survey in Germany has revealed that 77 percent youngsters below the age 18 read only electronic books and have never read a paper book.)  

Furthermore, it gets sometimes difficult to buy certain paper books from a bookshop due to their shortage or non-availability. In that case, it gets quite handy to buy purchase (word repetition: buy) the book online and download it to read.

With increasing number of e-book readers, e-libraries are also increasing and are negatively (adversely) impacts impacting (Parallelism violation) the traditional libraries. Firstly, the traditional libraries face decreased members of them membership. In other words, only a few people visit them and get their membership (repetition) and only few paper books are issued by to them, this causes loss to libaries economically. (Need to combine sentences using correct connecting/ linking words to score well on Cohesion and Coherence.) Rephrase: Firstly, the traditional libraries suffer from a decrease in membership which results in fewer visitors, lesser number of paper books and greater economic losses. Use WHICH to connect the main idea with the sub-ideas.

In addition, the libraries having only a few members are now getting closed and replaced by (Passive voice. Please avoid it.) other constructive buildings. For instance, a quite old library in Pakistan was at financial crisis due to its almost no member a drastic fall in its membership since 2012, and that it is now closed and the building is sold (Passive voice) to a marriage banquet hall company.

To sum up, the ebooks has have replaced traditional books in this modern era due to its their easy availability and convenient to read. However, they have raised economic issues for libraries which governments should sort out in order to preserve them.

You need to learn a few concepts in grammar and the technique of creating cohesion in the essay. 

Please feel free to ask any doubts in the comments box below.

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