IELTS Essay Task 2: A few People Earn Huge Salary.

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In some countries, a few people earn extremely high salaries. Some people think that this is good for a country, while others believe that the government should control salaries and limit the amount people can earn. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Please go through a student’s answer correction HERE.

Introduction: (Introduce the topic with reasons supporting both opinions.)

These days, increasing income disparity has become a heated issue. Some people opine that only a few individuals earning an extremely high salary is beneficial since it increases motivation to perform and attracts the best global talent. Others think it has adverse effects of rising inequality and discrimination. (48 words.)

Body Paragraph 1: (Explain reasons supporting opinion 1.)

The Greater salary for top executives certainly plays an important in motivating employees to work harder and achieve goals. Business research has proved that financial incentives are a basic need and greater the salary, more is the employee driven to achieve organizational goals. Moreover, higher salary also attracts and retains globally scarce top management talent. Organizations such as the Public Sector Undertakings which do not pay globally competitive salary often suffer from losses as compared to private enterprises that pay huge pay and bonus. (84 words.)

Body Paragraph 2: (Explain reasons supporting opinion 2.)

However, paying greater salaries has the adverse effects of increasing income inequality that leads to social unrest. The concentration of wealth in a few hands results in disproportionate power to a few individuals and discrimination of the masses. The common citizens, who earn normal salaries, often feel disenchanted and dissatisfied in such an atmosphere. For instance, the societies such as Syria and Libya which have extreme income inequality are more unstable socially than other such as the Sweden and Finland. (80 words.)

Conclusion: (State your opinion and conclude)

In conclusion, I think high salaries are a great motivating factor that attracts talented and skilled people. However, an extreme salary should be avoided since it makes a society unstable. Striking a balance between the two is the path for the economic and social progress of a country. (48 words)

Total Words = 260.

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  1. The above sample discusses both sides of the argument and does not give opinion in the introduction. It is stated in the band discriptors that position should be clear throughout the response. Then, how can we discuss two opinions?

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