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IELTS Essay Correction: Global Warming – Causes and Solutions, 3.

climate change IELTS PTE

Global warming is one of the most serious issues that the world is facing today. What are the causes of global warming and what measures can governments and individuals take to tackle the issue?

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Undoubtedly, global warming is becoming an immense problem of for the world from the last five decades due to proliferating proliferation of hazardous gases which are responsible for rising global temperature. Human’s activities are the prime reason for exacerbating of the earth temperature, while and it can be resolved with several methods. (Wrong use of while construction.)

Firstly, since, humans need land for farming and constructing industries, so that they carry out deforestation of the tropical forests to accomplish their needs (Correct construction: since X, Y). Consequently, different major problems such as floods and droughts, tsunami, acid rains, and weather changes arises arise because greenhouse effect, which is sustainable responsible for controlling earth’s temperature starts work abnormally due to excessive gases in the environment result in global warming. Secondly, the overuse of non-renewable resources such as oils and fossil fuels which produces produce (subject-verb disagreement) a large amount of harmful gases and it is also responsible to for the extinction of plants and animals species due to climate changes.
Nevertheless, there are various ways to tackle with this an enormous environmental problem. First, give awareness to people of the global to reduce, reuse, and recycle the plastic objects. Second, plantation and preservation of trees so that the percentage of hazardous gases are reduced (passive voice) in the atmosphere. Hence, it decreases the ratio of natural disasters.
Rephrase: Firstly, creating public awareness regarding the need to reduce, reuse and recycle plastics and to plant and preserve trees reduces the emission of hazardous gases and decreases the number of natural disasters.
Third, promote the uses of renewable resources such as solar energy and use it for several purposes such as cooling food, heating water, and producing electricity.
In conclusion, if humans population decrease harmful activities which is are not sustainable to for the environment instead of this, and promote use and build eco-friendly products and Industries, it will not only be better for the environment but also for the economy and health of humans. This will definitely save the earth‘s atmosphere and clear water, and several species from danger of extinction.
Address the following issues under grammar: 1. prepositions, 2. subject-verb agreement, 3. parallelism.
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