Reading Exercise: The Sand Crisis.

The following article is extracted from the World Economic Forum’s website. Please read the complete article HERE. Read the following passage in about 2 minutes and answer the questions.

Sand mining IELTS PTE ReadingSand mining IELTS PTE Reading 1Sand mining IELTS PTE Reading 2



True: If the statement agrees with the passage

False: If the statement contradicts the passage.

Not Given: If there is no information on this.

  1. Scientists have proved that industrial demand and unrestricted mining have resulted in a shortage of sand.
  2. The scientific community has thoroughly analyzed the impact of excessive sand mining on surrounding areas.
  3. In terms of dollar value, Sand and gravel are the most extracted minerals in the world.
  4. The estimates presented in the diagram include all uses of sand – construction as well as non-construction.

Multiple Choice Questions:

A systems integration approach does not analyze which of the following:

A. The impact of sand mining on the surrounding environment.

B. The economic consequences of sand mining on the domestic construction industry.

C. How society is shaped over time due to excessive mining.

D. Allows international conventions to regulate mining.

It is difficult to estimate the global sand demand and supply since: 

A. Many countries fail to measure exact construction activity.

B. Non-construction companies often do not report the exact sand use.

C. Official data does not recognize non-construction activity as a sand consuming activity.

D. Governments do not document all sand uses accurately.

Please go to the comments section to find out the correct answers. Feel free to discuss any question.

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