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IELTS Task 2 Correction: Traffic Jams and Congestion.

traffic jams IELTS PTE

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Nowadays congestion and traffic jams are a common and major problem in most cities. Some people believe it is a good idea to construct wider roads to resolve this issue. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? What can be the solution, in your opinion?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.

Please go through the sample answer as well.


Rising Increasing traffic jams and crowded roads are an (do not add an with a plural) inescapable situations which worsen afflict the world ranging from small cities to large metropolitan cities. Some individuals think that building wider roads is an effective method to tackle with this an immense problem. I partially agree, since, since (no need of commas, this is not a modifier.) this will not only be harmful for to the environment but also will enhance more crowd in the cities. (well-written, clear and concise.)

Firstly, broadening of roads do is not an effective and efficient way to curb the roads congestion problem since this method takes a colossal capital and time in roads construction. Moreover, if governments construct broad highways, this will eventually lead to deforestation which will further lead to an extinction of animal and bird species (If ..(present)…., then …(will)….). To elucidate (elucidate = explain, ameliorate = make better, reduce difficulty) ameliorate this difficulty, governments should fix hours for opening of schools, offices, and markets, so that traffic jams lessen on the peak hours of work. Secondly (Wrong placement. Firstly, Moreover. Can’t be secondly.), the government should promote awareness about the uses of public transport and governments ensure the public vehicles should be convenient to public the people so that they can use public transport instead of private vehicles. (Paragraph structure not clear. What do you want to explain – problem or solution? Please stick to any one.)

(Solving the traffic congestion problem requires implementing certain stringent measures…..) Since, some individuals do not follow traffic rules, although they know this habit lead leads to accidents and congestions on the roads (incomplete sentence.). Though they have to understand their responsibility to follow traffic rules  and governments should legislate strict rules against  traffic rule breakers so that they do not carry out this offense again. Furthermore, an enlarge ??? companies as well as market areas have their own car parking so that people do not park their vehicles on the roads. This will automatically decrease congestion and traffic on the roads. (Please mention clearly that this paragraph gives solutions. Otherwise, the context is not clear.)

In conclusion, governments should not only construct over bridges in congested cities but also ban four-wheelers in crowded markets. This will definitely lessen traffic jams in the cities. In addition, governments should provide knowledge about traffic rules in colleges so that students understand the importance of traffic rules and they follow these rules in the future. (The conclusion is fine.)

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