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IELTS Answer Correction: The Water Cycle.

Write a 150 words report for a university professor.

water cycle IELTS PTE.png


The diagram illustrates the recycling process of the water cycle (The process of water recycling = Water cycle) in several steps. Overall, the water cycle (the cycle = water cycle) completes by the storation storage of water in various storage sources, evaporation by the heat of the sun, cloud formation, and raining.

Firstly, (There are no firstly and secondly in a pictogram.) the rainwater absorbs in the porous rocks where it collects in the ground and this groundwater flows into the lakes, rivers, and seas as well as the rainwater from river flows toward the sea with downstream. (Logical thinking: Rainwater —> Groundwater &rivers; Groundwater —> lakes, rivers and seas; River —> seas) Rephrase: Firstly, the rainwater produced from the cooling of clouds is either added to rivers or to the groundwater. The groundwater flows through porous rocks into lakes, rivers, and seas. …..

Then, this water collects in the sea. Secondly, (There are no firstly and secondly in a pictogram.) the beginning of the water evaporation occurs and helping of the sun in it. The Sun’s heat evaporates water collected in the sea, lakes and rivers, and transpires it from the vegetation. The water evaporates from the various sources of water such as lakes, rivers, and seas as well as transpiration from plants and trees by the heating of the water with sun heat. (Learn to write concisely using connecting words such as ‘and’. This will fetch you more bands.)

Thirdly, The Evaporated water converts into invisible water vapours. thereafter, these invisible water vapours which (connecting word instead of repeating the noun – promotes cohesion.) blow with the wind and the wind it (pronouns are great referencing words – promote cohesion) helps in coolness of cooling/ condensing water vapours. Afterthat, these water vapours join and collect in the sky in the form of clouds and these clouds that/ which further cool with air when the wind blows and causes rain. This rainwater drizzles to the ground and again stores in the rivers, lakes, and seas. This recycling process of the water cycle occurs again and again.

Mistakes in cohesion and writing concisely. 

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