IELTS, How to Write a Diagram? Water Cycle.

Write a 150 words report for a university professor.

water cycle IELTS PTE

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


Any IELTS diagram demands students to write only about one thing – CHANGE. This picture, for instance, involves changes in water’s nature. You can also name these changes as a process. While mentioning changes you have to begin with step 1. Usually, that step is either at the top or at the left side.

The given diagram presents the water cycle (name the overall process) from evaporation and cloud formation to rainfall (name a few processes/ steps).

Please express one thought/ idea in one sentence only. You can follow two sentence structures. Each step is an interaction between two things. For convenience, let me name them A and B.

I. A – B: A = Evaporation and Transpiration; B = Sun’s heat

The cycle begins with the evaporation of water from the seas, rivers and lakes and transpiration from vegetation due to Sun’s heat.  

II. B – A: A = Evaporation and Transpiration; B = Sun’s heat

Firstly, the Sun’s radiations/ heat causes water evaporation from seas, rivers, and lakes, and transpiration from vegetation.

You can follow different sentence structures for different sentences.

II. A – B: A = Wind; B = Water vapors, height, clouds, and rainfall

The wind blows water vapors to a greater height and form clouds which cool further and cause rainfall.

I. B – A: A = Wind; B = Water vapors, height, clouds, and rainfall

The water vapors are pushed to a greater height due to wind pressure. This leads to cooling of clouds and eventually rainfall.

Time for practice. Can you write sentences for each stage of the cycle using the approach mentioned above? Try writing one sentence each one the following steps:

  1. Rainwater —> porous rocks, groundwater.
  2. Rainwater —-> Rivers, lakes and seas.
  3. Groundwater —-> Rivers, lakes and seas.

Please write these sentences in the comments box below. I’ll check your answers for any mistakes and reply as soon as possible.

Ask any doubts in the comments box below.

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