IELTS Speaking Task: Happy to Have Mobile Phone.

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Talk about a moment when you were happy to have a mobile phone. Please say

– Where and when was it?
– What did you do?
– Who was there with you?


Answering this question is easy. However scoring bands above 7 requires proper use of collocation, connecting devices, grammar, and vocabulary. Let me present an answer. Try following the underlined words to improve your speaking.

A Samsung S8 smart phone is my constant companion and I use it for business as well as personal purposes. I purchased the device last month in New York and was extemely excited to have it(Name the device, when, where.)

I purchased it just before my birthday party at 9 pm. Since I had not hired a professional photographer to capture the memorable moments during the party, my friends and I were forced to use our mobiles. However, none of the phones, including iPhone 7S, could click clear pictures in dim light environment of the party. Then I used the S8. The phone not only clicked clear pictures during the night, but also gave an option to magically convert them into daylight pictures. All my friends were excited to see this feature. (What did you do? Who was there?)

Follow up Questions:

Do you think people use their phones a lot? Well, I guess smart phones have become indispensable to a modern lifestyle. People have to use it for professional as well as personal reasons. 

What should people do to stop their addiction to smart phones? They must turn-off notifications so that they are not distracted from important tasks. Moreover, these phones must be switched off during night so that an individual can have a sound sleep. 

What do you think about use of phones in a classroom or workplace? Phones must be restricted in classroom or workplace since these act as a source of distraction and prevent people from focusing on the task at hand. While classrooms are meant for education, workplace is used to accomplish organisational goals. Phones often act as a hindrance and prevent people from achieveing these targets.

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