IELTS Cue Card October 2017, January 2018: Something You Bought Recently.

bought recently IELTS PTE.jpg

Image Courtesy: The Blue Diamond Gallery

Talk about something you bought recently. Please say

– What was it?
– Where and when did buy it?
– Why did you buy it?


Talk about something you bought that made you happy. Please say

– What was it?
– What did you do with it?
– Why did it make you happy?


We often purchase various items, don’t we. So, this answer should be pretty easy. Just give the right pronunciation, correct flow, use adjectives, adverbs (collocation) along with linking words.

I’m a regular visitor (collocation) to online market places such as (cohesion) Amazon and use these (cohesion) websites to purchase items ranging from (cohesion) as basic as grocery to as luxurious as Rollex watches.

Last week, I visited to purchase an appropriate gift (collocation) for my brother’s birthday. After spending more than two hours surfing through the website, I finally decided to order “Deep Thinking”, a book by Garry Kasparov, the world Chess Champion.

My brother and I are avid readers (collocation) of books as well as a chess fans. We have read several books (collocation) on the game by grand masters such as (cohesion) Bobbie Fisher and Vishwanathan Anand. Moreover (cohesion), this book is on Kasparov’s chess matches with Deep Blue, an IBM Supercomputer. I believe no other gift could have been better than this book for a person who loves reading books and playing chess.


How did you feel about your purchase later? When I gifted the book to my brother, there was a broad smile on his face and excitement in his eyes. I shared the same feelings.
– Have you given someone advice about purchasing a phone? I love blackberry phones and have offered my advice to several friends and family memebers about benefits of a blackberry device over other phones.
– Why do people go shopping? Well, they purchase daily need items through shopping. Moreover, people shop for products that appeal to senses and fulfil their desires. An iPhone, for instance.
– What do you think about the quality of today’s products compared to the past? I strongly believe that today the product quality has dramatically improved over the past due to greater competition and stringent regulations.

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