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The pie graph below shows how electricity is produced in Ireland and the table shows the primary reasons for using electricity in the same country.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Ireland electricity usage IELTS PTEIreland electricity IELTS PTE

20 minutes, 150 words only.

Please go through the sample answer HERE.


The pie chart depicts the percentages of power sources such as coal, gas, wind, and solar which is are used in electricity production as well as and the table chart illustrates the proportions of five basic causes uses (cause is not the synonym of use. Will cost Lexical Resource bands.) of power usage in Ireland.

Overall, the consumption of coal in electricity production is significantly higher than other sources and most of the power is consumed for heating purposes. (Well Written.)

First, Firstly, 45 percent, coal (nope! 45 percent coal is not used. Coal contributes 45 percent in energy production. Mis-stated. Lost Task Response.) is used in power manufacturing in Ireland which is followed by gas, about 35 percent consumption in making electricity. Re-write: Firstly, coal produces most of the power, about 45 percent (link number to the noun being modified – power), in Ireland. This (connecting word) is followed by gas which (connecting word) contributes 35 percent and (connecting word) both wind and solar contribute 10 percent each.

Either wind or solar sources  are least consumed for electricity production and both have equal contribution, 10 percent.

In second chart, Irish people use the highest amount of power, about 55 percent(About 55 percent is a modifier. please put it within commas.) for heating. The electricity is used for Lighting and kitchen appliances consume 45 percent and 40 percent electricity respectively. This (these, if you’re referring to lighting and kitchen) both have marginal difference in power consuming in the Ireland, while an equal proportion of power usage about 15 percent each is used (missing verb in this clause) for consumer electronics and phone charging in Ireland.

Total Words = 166.

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