IELTS Task 2, October 2017: Playing a Musical Instrument.

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Some people believe that playing a musical instrument can be beneficial in many different ways. Others think it is a waste of time to play a musical instrument. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Introduction: (Introduce the topic with a general statement about music and MENTION reasons supporting both views. EXPLAIN each view in a separate body paragraph.)

Music is one of the central pillars of human civilization. While some people opine that playing a music instrument is beneficial since it breaks the monotony and increases focus, others believe it deviates human attention from more important issues. (39 words)

Body Paragraph 1: (Discuss view 1: Beneficial)

Psychologists have proven that playing a musical instrument helps people break the monotony in a constructive way and revitalizes the mind for greater performance. Moreover, it increases focus and concentration through close coordination of various areas of the brain. For instance, an Education department report in 2016 revealed that students who play a violin or a guitar have better coordination abilities and score more marks than those who engage in studies only. The report further claimed that those who played a musical instrument during youth stronger decision making capabilities than others. (91 words.)

Body Paragraph 2: (Discuss view 2: Negatives)

However, playing music is often blamed for diverting attention from more pressing issues. Those who engage in music usually fail to accomplish their professional goals since it consumes valuable time in this era of competitiveness. A recent survey of Chief Executive Officers (C.E.Os) revealed that professional compulsions in the modern world leave little time for professional pursuits such as playing music. Most CEOs preferred investing their spare time with family and friends, and only 3 percent expressed desire to learn music. (80 words.)

Conclusion: (Give your opinion and conclude the essay.)

In conclusion, I believe playing a musical instrument is crucial to reduce stress and improve working capacity. Through better time-management we can find ways to reduce our work pressure and spend spare time in learning music. This investment will yield a much higher return in medium to long term by increasing productivity and making life more balanced. (56 words.)

Total Words = 266.

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  1. Music has been well interested industry throughout human history. The way it is played and the purposes used for the individual music type different society to society or within society. Weather it is beneficial or not has been long debate. Some say Music is central pillar for human life and without it the life will be senseless and some say music has nothing to gain but waste of time and energy.
    Music is used different purposes. When it is used in clubs or for dancing, it helps your body to get enjoyed and steams the genre of the music sound. It causes some people to feel some extreme happy to a point where they cannot control their movements and actions. This is a stress relief strategies and refreshing your body. There are also some other specific reasons for playing music such as those played in the churches which itself has particular meaning for the church attendants and those used as national anthem to flag the national bride.
    On the contrary others disputed the benefit overweighed the detriment. They debated that playing music or dedicating yourself for some sort of music is completely waste of time. They supported their argument by referring those people who love to play music are mostly trailed the life and they have no goals for future but just playing music for dancing.
    In conclusion, for my opinion, the advantages of music should not be overstated as it may divert your attention from your other priority and reduce your productivity in work. My religion barred playing music and it is reasoned music has no benefits but its playing or doing in business may cause more evil things than good.


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