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IELTS Task 2 Correction: Big Marketing and Promotion Budgets.

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Large businesses have big budgets for marketing and promotion and as a result, people gravitate toward their products. what problems does this cause? What could be done to encourage people to buy products.

Admittedly, advertisements have an immense affect on people’s mind and the broad large companies are provided provide (use Simple Present tense) alluring information in these advertisements so that people are easily get influenced with by (passive voice) attractive products of big companies (repetition: You’ve already written ‘large companies’ earlier). This difficultly cause several difficulties such as low sales of goods which are produced in tiny firms and many customers are over-spend their precious capital on unnecessary items.

Firstly, the businessman, who has a colossal amount of money which he mostly spends on marketing and promoting their (wrong pronoun usage) products in the world (this is a modifier. the sentence continues as if the modifier does not exist. Discuss over phone), he gets a large profit from these advertisements because innocent people are ultimately attracted towards these magnificent advertisements. Consequently they purchase unwanted items which they have not needed in their life do not need.

Secondly, small enterprises are less profited from their products, since enormous a large number of customers do are not aware of their products. They (Wrong pronoun. To whom does they refer to? It should refer to customers, but it is referring to small enterprises.) purchase those items which are specially advertised on several television channels as well as on social media. (Explain this point with an example. Let me write one for you: A ministry of finance report recently revealed that while large enterprises produce less than 40 percent of products in India, large marketing budgets help them capture more than 70 percent market share. On the other hand, small and medium enterprises have only 30 percent share despite producing more than 60 percent products.)

However, several measures are helpful in encouraging customers for shopping local products as well as unknown sound quality items. First, governments should financially empowers local firms for promoting their products. hence, so that more and more people reach easily to best quality items. Second, small businessessmen have proper knowledge for usage of social media such as Facebook page. (Facebook PAGE is not social media, but Facebook is.) This is extremely enhances the marketing of tiny Commerces businesses among the people.

In conclusion, this is not only the responsibility of governments to provide financial support to local firms for promoting their items but also it is the responsibility of reliable (wrong collocation. Doesn’t make sense.) citizens to purchase items on the basis of quality not on the delightful packaging and alluring information of the attractive products.

Bands = 6.0 to 6.5

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