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IELTS Essay Correction: Genetically Modified Foods.

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With a growing population, many people believe that we should focus on producing more GM foods. What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this?

40minutes, 250 words at least.

Please go through the sample answer as well.


Undeniably, several countries population are is rapidly accelerating due to less lower morbidity and mortality rate. However, the problem of lack of enough (enough is not the problem. Lack of is the problem.) eatables is gradually rising. Hence many individuals think that the solution of this immense threat is the huge production of genetically modified crops. These foods not only are have enormous nutritional values (OR are enormously nutritional) but also they (the use of pronoun violates the principle of PARALLELISM) are dangerous to the natural habitats.

Firstly, genetically modified foods have several advantages which (are advantages beneficial. Makes little sense.) are beneficial for the human population. Nowadays, the extremely wealthy people are using the organic foods which are rich of nutrients and the middle or lower class people are do not have an enough capital to purchase healthy food items. Then ultimately, they are used have to use (/ resort to consuming) biologically modified food for accomplishing the need of nutrients. Since, since (learn to combine two sentences using the connector since. Do not use a comma after since.) these food products are cheaper as well as contain abundant vitamins and minerals which are essential for healthy life. Furthermore, less pesticides or fertilizers are used in this these crops. Consequently, farmers an expenditure on these crops are mostly less and they are probably profited more from yielding genetically modified crops. (Consequently, farmers incur a lower expenditure on these crops than on traditional crops and earn greater profits due to higher yields.) Lower X than Y

While (While construction is not recommended here. Prefer however), these foods are dangerous to the health sometimes, since these food contain some an antibiotic resistance properties and also persist certain allergies which are not appropriate for people’s health. Moreover, genetically modified crops are (keep simple present tense) also interfere with the nature natural species. For instance, these crops threaten to the ecosystem because this is not a natural phenomenon of transferring DNA for increasing yield of crops and  adding nutritional value into the food crops.

In conclusion, if the production of genetically modified food is significantly increased in the world without any side effects of eatables, it will not only be sound for farmers, who cultivate genetically modified crops, (close the modifier with a comma) but also to population, who are malnourished due to lack of nutrients and food items. This will eventually lead to great harmony and wealth of every nation.

Total Words = 301. Frequent mistake: ARE. Bands = 6.5

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