IELTS G.T Task 1: Asking for a Recipe.

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Write a letter to a friend asking for a recipe from his/her country for the party you are organizing. In your letter

– Tell your friend about the party
– Ask for the recipe
– Explain why you need the recipe from his/her country

20 minutes, 150 words only.


The underlined words add cohesion and collocation to the essay.

Dear Friend,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am organising a meeting of senior executives of ABC Corporation from all parts of the world. Since my wife and I are from North India, we have little idea about tastes and preferences of people from other cultures. I need your help in preparing a Japanese dish.

I vividly remember the exquisite dish you once prepared for my family at your home in Tokyo. I have forgotten its name but the taste is still fresh in my mind. I believe it was made of smoked chicken cooked for an hour in traditional Japanese pots with a special sauce from Hokkaido. I have ordered that sauce from Amazon and wish to know other ingredients you added in the dish.

Since a large number of executives either are from Japan or have worked there, I believe they have developed taste for Japanese food. Though I am planning to serve Indian and Italian food as well, adding a Japanese dish will increase diversity and suit everyone’s taste. 

Looking forward to your prompt response,


Total Words = 179.

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