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IELTS Task 1 Academic Correction: Population of Turtles in India.

The graph below shows the population figures of different types of turtles in India between 1980 and 2012.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Turtles population Line graph IELTS

20 minutes, 150 words only.


The line graph illustrates the data about turtles population such as Leatherback turtles (19), Green turtles(38), All species(111), and Olive Ridley turtles(20) (These are examples of Turtles, not ‘turtles population’. Moreover, you’ve mentioned figures in brackets, which is not a recommended practice. …. population of different types of turtles such as leatherback ……….) in the India during 1980 to 2012 a 32 years period (Wrong construction: “during X to Y”. Correct constructions are – “between X and Y”,”from X to Y”,”during a X period”) and an index is multiplied with the year which is equal to hundred.

Rephrase (combining the information using the underlined words): The given line graph illustrates data about population of three species of turtles – Leatherback, Green and Olive Ridley – along with combined population of these species using index with 1980 as base year for a period of more than three decades

Overall, Olive Ridley turtles population was showed (don’t make it a passive voice) an upward trend in the community growth, while Leatherback turtles population was illustrated a downward trend in the community growth. (there’s nothing called community growth in the question.)

Evidently, in 1980, all species population was about 100 (population is not 100. It is the index to be used as a base.) which was marginally increased  after several fluctuations  to 110 in 2012. The combined population of the three species witnessed fluctuations and increased by about 10 percent during the given period.

Similarly, (there’s nothing similar between all species and green turtle) Green turtle population was about 100 (not population but index) in the beginning year, however after gradual oscillations, its population was slightly dropped to 90. On the other hand, the index for Green turtles decreased from 100 in 1980 to 90 in 2012 showing a 10 percent fall in population. 

Clearly, In 1980, Olive Ridley and Leatherback turtles population were 100 in which Olive Ridley turtle population was gradually soared until 1996 then it fluctuated and reached to 130 in 2012. On the contrary, in 1980, Leatherback turtle community had also 100 population which showed insignificant rise between 1980 to 1988, thereafter it just plummeted to 60 in 2012.

Total Words = 168. Bands = 6.0


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