MBA Admission Essay: Short-term goals

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Writing an essay on short-term goals often proves to be a Herculian task for most students. More difficult that presenting this essay in a lucid language is the brainstorming process. Since most of us just follow the course of life and avoid steering it in a desired direction, it is difficult to define these goals.

Short-term goals are the ones you wish to achieve within six months of completion of the MBA program. However, before working on these goals, you need to consider your history and the long term goals.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself?

  1. I’ve been working as a …………… for ………. years/ months. Why? What is the purpose of working in this position/ industry?
  2. How will working in this industry help me grow in future?
  3. How will an MBA help me achieve these goals?
  4. How do the short-term goals align with my long term vision?

Please note, you can not give a general answer. Be specific. Several students write a simplistic response to question 2 such as “It will help me become a business tycoon.” That’s WRONG. Writing specifically includes adding nouns and data.

For instance: “Working as a construction manager for the past five years has helped me learn how to deal with multiple dimensions of business in the construction industry. I wish to use this experience, coupled with knowledge from an MBA program to start my own company in India before 2020.”

Writing specifics is the key to a good MBA essay. We can work together to create essays that help you secure a place at your desired institution. Please contact me HERE.

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