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IELTS Essay Correction: Computers Translate Quickly and Accurately.

Foreign Language

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As computers translate quickly and accurately, learning foreign languages is a waste of time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Advance technology is rapidly accelerating (makes little sense) and it gives Advancements in technology have given several essential things which are extremely beneficial for humans. Computer is also great invention which translates various languages, however it have does not mean learning foreign dialects are is (learning = singular) not useful. I strongly disagree with this (disagree with what? You’ve supported the statement written above), studying other countries’ languages not only empowers (studying = singular) people to communicate with foreigners but also opens the global career opportunities.

Firstly, in business works and academic studies sometime we need to convert native dialect sentences into foreign languages that time computers works brilliantly. However, in the case of the visiting a foreign country visiting, this do does (this = singular) not help individual to conduct conversation with foreigners. For instance, if someone want wants to visit remote areas where computers do not work efficiently, for example, (repetition) computer does not give proper mean meaning of foreign language, however (use of however is inappropriate since there is no contradiction here.) for communicating with foreigners we need feelings and emotions which have not in these technology machines. That time if a person who has studied about various languages feels (a person = singular) comfortable while conducting conversation with people of other country.

Furthermore, if a student wants (a student = singular) to go to foreign abroad for higher education, computer does not help that pupil, (no comma before since) since foreign universities require sound knowledge of English or other native dialects which are helpful in foreign jobs as well. Consequently, if a student has proper knowledge of other countries languages, he will definitely find success in his academics as well as in the career.

In conclusion, undoubtedly, learning foreign languages are crucial, however computers are also helpful in other several significant fields. It makes people life more convenient than yesteryears, when individuals carryout carried-out (tense) calculations on notebooks but now these machines do work efficiently and effectively in the less time. (Conclusion is not strong in task response.)

Bands = 6.0 to 6.5. You can increase your score by addressing the single most important mistake: Subject-Verb disagreement. You’ve used plural form of verb with a singular subject. This mistake is frequent and will cost you bands.

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