IELTS Essay: Modern Modes of Transport.

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Now-a-days, modern modes of transport are available; still some people believe a bicycle is the best way to get from one place to another. Do you agree or disagree.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


The underlined words represent collocation or cohesion (linking words and referencing).

Modern modes of transport have played an important role in the advancement of human civilisation, As humans moved from bullock carts and horse carts to cars and trains, the pace of business and development increased rapidly. I believe bicycle is neither a convenient nor an efficient mode of transport in the 21st century.

While a bicycle can be beneficial in travelling over short distances and keeping a person fit, when it comes to long distances, humans have no choice but modern transport such as cars, buses and trains. These media move fast and help us get things done in a timely manner. For instance, a recent report by the World Trade Organisation claimed that countries with extensive road and rail network that support modern, fast transport have higher GDP growth rates than countries which rely on traditional modes of movement.

Moreover, modern transport can carry people as well as goods over long distance conveniently. Not only are these safer and easy to use, but also support bulk movement of goods that increase commerce. Bicycle, on the other hand, is neither convenient nor suitable for bulk transport. A recent Pew research has found that the amount of goods and number of people transported using trains in 2016 is equal to movement of all goods and people during the past one millennium ending in the year 1901.

Though bicycles are pollution free and keep a person healthy, they are more suitable for health reasons than for transportation. Modern mechanised modes of transport cannot be replaced with traditional and slow media. This will result in reducing the pace of growth of human civilisation.

Total Words = 270.

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