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IELTS Essay Correction: Waste from Homes.

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Some people claim that not enough of the waste from homes is recycled. They say that the only way to make people recycle more is to make it a legal requirement. To what extent do you think laws are needed to make people to recycle their waste.

40 minutes, 250 words only.


It is argued by many (Prefer active voice. Many people believe) that only very less (can’t use two adjectives and an adverb together.) a little amount of waste from houses are  is recycled and the prime principle way to improve increase recycling is to amend enact new laws by the (which central authority? Can’t use the here.) central authority and should make recycling legal. mandatory. (You suffer from poor usage of words. The choice of words is not correct.) This essay agrees with this suggestion because amendment enactment of laws create creates (Subject-Verb disagreement) a sense of responsibility among the citizens and it will make the central and state authorities vigilant and alert towards a noble cause.

The accumulating waste is one of the major problem faced by almost all countries and recycling is a simple solution for that (This sentence is meant for an introduction and not a body paragraph). Despite of all awareness programmes, advertisements and campaign done by the government and several social authorities and by even knowing the importance of recycling, people tend to dump their waste on road sides and in their neighbourhood (Apply the principle of parallelism correctly.) which is then contributing contributes (tense mistake. Don’t switch tenses in a sentence.) to environmental pollution and many dangerous epidemic diseases. Most of the citizens are not concerned about this graving grave issue and they are not bothered to follow even simple instructions of recycling such as segregation of waste or following various colour codes for different types of waste. So strict laws should be implemented by government and should (who should provide this? Passive voice has distorted the structure. See my sentence at the end of this paragraph. Using active voice makes a sentence structure simple and clear.) provide adequate awareness and facilities to enforce the law, as  people tend to follow rules. For example, in many European countries there are strict laws and the municipal divisions plays a significant role by coming and collecting different types of recyclable waste (cardboards, paper, glasses, plastic, metal waste) in on a specific day, thus keeping the city clean. Do not use parenthesis in IELTS exam. Use exapmles within a sentence through SUCH AS.

Consequently, governments should (1) implement strict laws and (2) provide adequate awareness and facilities to enforce the law since people tend to follow the rules.

Additionally, the government also play plays an important role in reusing the waste. When there is a law to follow, the district, state and central authorities will become more strict and vigilant. However awareness is also very important, (There should be a full-stop here.) the concerned authorities should give awareness about the importance of recycling, segregation and collection (Repetition of idea stated in the previous paragraph.). Furthermore, they should have to do proper monitoring on a weekly or monthly basis and should analyse the progress in the rate of recycling. For example, in a recent study done by NDMC department in Delhi, only 16% of plastics were recycled, which was very less compared to the production and after launching various programmes it (the pronoun does not refer to recycling) increased to 32%.

In conclusion, laws should be enacted to increase the recycling rate as people tend to follow rules and it will instil moral obligation in citizens and authorities will become more concerned and alert to solve the issue.

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