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IELTS Answer Correction: Unemployment Problems.

unemployment IELTS PTE

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In many countries more and more young people are leaving school and not getting any job. What problems do you think unemployment causes at individual and society level and what measures should be taken to reduce unemployment among youngsters?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Joblessness has become rife among young people around the world. It can create and it has created (Write a complex sentence using connectors such as and.) a myriad of (myriad = a great number. No need of preposition of.) issues on for both individuals and society which will be discussed in this essay along with remedies to tackle this situation(Of course the essay will do this. Please use this space to MENTION the reasons that you will EXPLAIN in the body paragraphs.)

…. has created myriad issues ranging from depression among youngsters (issue 1) and increase in criminal activity (issue 2)

Unemployment could results in developing psychological disorders such as depression. Young people, in particular, lack emotional intolerance tolerance and unless they meet their basic needs, they indeed tend to slip into a stage of depression. Unemployed youth also generate difficulties in society. This is due to the fact that jobless youngsters often get involved into in criminal activities to provide themselves. Let me combine these two sentences using the connecting word such as to write a complex sentence. Unemployed youth also generated social difficulties such as (connector 1) indulging in criminal activities ranging from (connector 2) theft to physical injury. They choose criminal performances activities like such as cybercrime, burglary, pickpocketing and so forth. To illustrate an example, according to National Crime Prevention Centre (First letters of all names must be Captal.) in Canada, crime rates of youngsters whom having no income has increased to 33% from 21%.

Such as VS Like. Such as is used to give examples. Like is used to give similarities. Write such as next to the word it exemplifies. In your sentence write it next to advantages.

However, this could can be addressed if proper measures are put in place. Firstly, improving skill levels and accessing accredited training and education. The state should fund for such schemes, so that young generation would receive sufficient training and skills which in turn promote job access. Connect the two sentences to create a complex sentence: Firstly, the state should fund schemes that aim at improving skill levels and providing access to traning and education so that the young generation recieves sufficient skilld to obtain jobs. Secondly, incentivising business and employers (Incomplete sentence. This is just a bullet point. Not a complete sentence. Please connect with the next sentence and create one complex sentences out of these two sentences.). Governmental provision of incentives to employers which offer jobs for unemployed could be acted act as a motivating factor for them in giving more job opportunities. For instance, European Union has increased the incitation incentives from €6,000 to €10,000 for companies which provide jobs to unemployed young ones who having have no jobs for more than 24 months.

In conclusion, jobless young people pose a threat on to individuals as well as society, with increasing mental health problems and crime levels. Nevertheless, it can be tackled by ensuring job skills and training and allocating incentives for job providers.

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