IELTS General Task 1, December 2017: Recently Stayed With An Old Friend.

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You have recently stayed with an old friend for a few days. Write a letter to him/her and say

– Tell your friend how you enjoyed the stay.
– Invite him/her to visit and stay at your place.
– Suggest what to do during his/her visit.


Please Note the underlined words. These are collocations that you should use in the exam.

Dear Friend,

The recent week-long stay at your home in the mesmerising Alps mountains was a wonderful experience. Fresh air of the Austrian Alps, long walks in the woods, and hours of fruitful discussions on latest books on politics have recharged me for my business travels across the world. Though I loved spending every moment with you, I really enjoyed discussing Europe’s and North America’s political scenario with you.

I would love to invest some more time with you exploring the latest developments while walking by the Rideau Canal near my home in Ottawa, Canada. Since Canadian winters are extremely harsh, I invite you to visit my home during summers. Please plan at least a week-long trip with your family.

We will not only visit the Canadian War Museum and The Art Gallery but also the parliament house where we will spend some time talking to a few Canadian lawmakers. Moreover, evening walks along the Rideau Canal are extremely refreshing and offer a perfect atmosphere for our intellectual discussions.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Canadian capital.

Your Friend,


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