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IELTS Academic Task 1 Correction: Underground Railway System.

The table below gives information about the underground railway system in 6 countries.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 10.10.32 PM

20 minutes, 150 words only.

I wrote a sample answer to this question in July 2017. Please go through it HERE.


The given table illustrates data regarding the underground railway system, along with date opened, kilometres of route and passengers per year, (no comma here) in 6 countries cities(The opening sentence concisely delivers the complete information. Well done!)

Overall, (a comma will do) it can be seen that Kyoto travelled the least amount number (kilometers are countable. Use a countable noun.) of kilometres (lost context. Task response. Data is on LENGTH of rail system, not on travel.) and had a minimum passenger score. While Paris had the highest amount of kilometres, Tokyo had the highest amount of Passengers. (Overall refers to the trend in the entire data set. There is NO TREND here. No need of an overall. What you’re presenting in overall is just an observation.)

Clearly, while Kyoto has the least route length and carries the least number of passengers, London has the longest route length and Tokyo underground rail has the maximum number of travellers. (Note: Comparison of route length and number of passengers in various cities in the same sentence using “WHILE X, Y” construction)

The first railway system was opened in London in 1863, which travelled covers (task response and tense. Route length is in present since no time is mentioned.) 394 kilometres and had has 775 million passengers. Paris Underground railway was opened in 1900 and had travelled it covers 199 kilometres with 1191 million passengers. Tokyo was opened in 1927 and had travelled 155 kilometres with 1927 million passengers. (You’re merely stating the data. These are neither COMPARISONS nor OBSERVATIONS.)

Write one or more sentence on TIME frame to make comparisons. Please note that comparisons can only be made within one variable – TIME here. The first underground railway system opened in London in 1863 and by the begining of the twentieth century the system became operational in Paris as well. These were followed by Tokyo, Washington DC and Kyoto railway systems in the twentieth century and the last to become operational was the Los Angeles system in 2001.

Washington Dc was opened in 1976. It travelled 126 kilometres with 144 million passengers. Kyoto was opened in 1981 and travelled 11 kilometres with 45 million passengers. The most recent railway system is of Los Angeles, which was opened in 2001. It travelled 28 kilometres and had 50 million passengers.

Write one simple paragraph on route kilometers and another on passengers. Share it with me.

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