IELTS Academic Task 1: Fast Food Restaurants in The USA.

fast food restaurants IELTS


Before writing this answer, please keep a not of a few things mentioned below.

  1. Note the number of objects giving information about the subject – Americans/ people in the USA. These include – fast food restaurants, the frequency of visit, years. 
  2. The question, as always, wants you to make comparisons. Before jumping at the answer, please note the comparisons you can make – Between Groups, Within A Group.
  3. Between Groups – Note the maximum and minimum during various years and write the information in clear plain English.
  4. Within A Group – Make comparisons of different years. Write ONE sentence for each group.

With these in mind, let us proceed to the answer:

The given bar chart gives information about the number of Americans who ate fast food at restaurants at six different frequencies during 2003, 2006 and 2013.

Clearly, the majority of people ate fast food at restaurants once a week during 2003 and 2006, and once or twice a month in 2013. However, the least percentage of Americans preferred fast food every day during the given period.

The people who consume fast food once a week increased slightly from 31 percent in 2003 to 33 percent in 2006 and dropped sharply in 2013. Those who ate once or twice a month dropped suddenly by five percent during the first three years and then rose dramatically to 33 percent in 2013. 

Americans who preferred consuming junk food several times a week jumped by about 3 percent from 2003 to 2006 and reverted back to about 16 percent in 2013. Those who ate a few times a year first increased from 13 percent to about 15 percent and stayed at this level during the rest of the duration. 

Americans who never ate this food and those who consumed every day first dropped by 1 percent and then stayed at the same level in 2013.

Total Words = 200.

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