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IELTS Essay Correction: Learning Online is more Efficient.


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Some people think that learning online is more efficient. However, according to some other people, studying from books is still the preferred method. Discuss both the views and give your own opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Although many people believe that online learning is more productive, a few people emphasize on the manual (Manual = use of hands. I’m sure we use hands in online education as well. Wrong word choice. Lexical resources.) study. Even I agree with a notion of referring online sources for learning. I, further, will discuss both the views in order to reach to a conclusion of best medium of studies. (An introduction is meant to state what exactly your essay will explain. Use these words wisely to score 7+ bands. It is always better to MENTION in the introduction what you plan to explain in body paragraphs.)

To begin with (You’ve already begun with the introduction), e-book learning has gained popularity in a the last decade. First and foremost reason to support my view is the easy accessibility. IELTS people prefer complex sentence structure. You can easily combine the two sentences mentioned above. Let me explain: E-book learning has gained tremendous (collocation) popularity during the last decade since (connecting word that builds cohesion) they are easily accessible as compared to traditional books (without this comparison your task response is poor).

To elaborate, Hand-held gadgets, with the help of the internet, have made it easier convenient (word repetition: easy) to browse any reading material. Once purchased online, one (wrong modifier usage. You sentence says that “one” is purchased online, not material.) can watch or read the material as per the convenience. Education material, once purchased online, can be read as per convenience.

In addition, one can refer online sources while commuting in the public transports like such as (learn the difference between like and such as.metros and buses when one had has (wrong tense) nothing much to do and going through e-book can be a matter of easy access (repetition of the idea stated above). Moreover, after downloading, no internet connection is required to study (how does this make online education better than traditional paper-based books? Lost context. Task response.). Secondly, the cost of an e-book is comparatively less than a (which book?) traditional/ paper book. Due to the fact that Since (respect brevity. It is highly rated in the IELTS exam.) no publisher, editor or the printing team is involved in the formation of an online resource, the price cut down which ultimately benefits the consumer and enables him to buy an e-book at a much cheaper cost.  Kindle app by Amazon, for instance, is one of the best ways of studying online.

Inspite of all the Despite these (A referencing word that builds cohesion) benefits mentioned above, replacing paper books can be a challenging task because reading from a book them (a referencing word that builds cohesion) is a traditional method of gaining knowledge and it is convenient as taking notes and underlying bullet points is far easier than studying from a gadget. On the other hand Moreover, book reading does not put unnecessary strain on the eyes which an electronic e- (e = electronic) gadget does. Apart from this, people are fascinated for about book collection and they love to maintain a library in their homes. In fact, having known the advantages, children, around the world, are encouraged to inculcate a habit of book reading.

To recapitulate, even though online studies is effective, however, I feel, studying from a book can never be replaced by any latest technological gizmo. (You’ve contradicted yourself. In the introduction, you supported e-learning. Now you’re opposing. This will hamper your score. Moreover, the conclusion is too short. Make it longer. 50 words.)

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