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IELTS Task 1 Correction: Geothermal Energy Used to Produce Electricity.

The diagram below shows how geothermal energy is used to produce electricity. 

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

geothermal energy ielts

20 minutes, 150 words only.


The figure illustrates the process of electricity production via using (via = route) geothermal energy in a geothermal (avoid repeating words in the same sentence) power plant. The whole converting system is depicted in five major steps, which will be explained in this report consecutively(Of course, it will be. You need not write this.)

Try writing the introduction in ONE sentence: The figure (subject) illustrates (verb) the process of electricity production (primary object) using geothermal energy (secondary object) in a power plant (secondary object) in five major steps (secondary object).

First of all Firstly, cold water is transported from a river (I can’t see any mention of a river in the question. Do not assume anything in task 1.) nearby the power plant is pumped down to the injection well which is located at 4.5 kilometres down from the level of below (expressing idea in a fewer words is respected in the IELTS exam) the ground. Secondly, the water is transported from the injection well to the production well through the geothermal zone, which consists of hot rocks(need a comma here. This is a modifier. explained below.) in order to boil the water. The third step involves the pumping the hot water up to the condenser before converting it to the steam. While the boiling processes are performed underground, the steps after the condenser are all conducted over above the ground level. As a final process Finally, after the steam powers the turbine, electrical energy is formed (produced/ created) by the rapid movements (no mention of rapid movements in the question) of the turbine in return converted to the generator. Finally, the turbine, which is powered by the steam (modifier), enables the generator to function and produce electricity.

A modifier is a clause that gives information about a NOUN. In your sentence – geothermal zone. What if there is NO comma: geothermal zone, which consists of hot rocks in order to boil the water = nature created hot rocks with the sole purpose of boiling water.

geothermal zone, which consists of hot rocks, in order to boil water = geothermal zone (the portion between the two commas does not exist since its purpose is just to give quality and is not a part of the sentence) in order to boil water. (This makes clear sense.) discuss with me, if needed.

Finally, the process of electricity production converted from cold water by geothermal zone is completed in the power plant and electrical circuit is distributed to the city where it is required. (Whoa whoa whoa! No way. This is unacceptable for the exam. This is your assumption. Avoid this.)

Bands = 6.0. Could have scored 6.5 had you not assumed the information and lost task response bands in the process. Need to seriously work on task response and lexical resources (write fewer words and use correct words).

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