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IELTS Essay Correction: We’re Producing More And More Rubbish.

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Nowadays we are producing more and more rubbish. Why do you think this is happening? What can governments do to help reduce the amount of rubbish produced? 

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


It is a reality that all over the world, households and families produces produce (subject-verb disagreement) a colossal amount of waste material every week. This rubbish is come comes (Simple Present Tense) mainly from the packaging packaged food which we buy, even we buy fresh vegetables and fruits we use plastic bags ,which also contribute the waste material , kitchen waste, used paper, and discarded electronic goods. (do not restrict yourself to food. Mention a variety of things and explain them in the body paragraphs.). Let’s discuss some views about this rubbish.  (of course, you will discuss this. Need not write.)

Firstly, the main reason behind this global menace is that we consume more nowadays what than we did in the past (Correct construction: More X than Y.). We buy unnecessary stuffs goods packed in plastic wrappers, (need a comma here to create a modifier) which we really don’t need, and this ultimately this leads towards to more and more rubbish (Please discuss this sentence’s structure with me.). Secondly, convenience is the demand of modern world, lots of food stores and mart sell eatables in plastic bags or containers which is easy to carry for customers. Secondly, since customer convenience and satisfaction are the top priority for businesses (modifier), a number of food stores provide plastic bags and containers to carry goods. (Discuss with me for greater clarity)

Another thing which is in favour of using plastic bags is that they can transported to long distances without being afraid of damage Moreover since plastic bags can be transported over long distances without the threat of any damage people use them frequently. However, the amount of waste produced is the result of our tendency to buy things which is for use and throw purpose out of desire rather than need. We don’t do not (avoid contractions in IELTS) think that a small amount of plastic can also contribute in to pollution. (A number of issues: The paragraph is overly reliant on plastic. However, it is not the only type of waste/ rubbish. Moreover, you need to work on sentence structures. Learn the use of modifiers.)

I believe that the government should take some stern actions (a stern action) against the plastic (the essay is NOT on plastic) usage. Government It (Word repetition – government) should encourage the children to avoid the use of plastic stuff by providing them seminar information (wrong word usage: Lexical Resources) about the ill effects of plastic in their school (do you mean “plastic in school” or “information in school”…..about the ill effects of plastic through seminars in schools.) Moreover, government should make strict policies to restrict the usage of rubbish (rubbish can’t be used.) and should heavily penalize the person who violates the law.

It is concluded that In conclusion, the political will and individual responsibility can reduce the use of rubbish things (things are not rubbish. After use, they’re discarded and become rubbish). I believe that no one wants to pollute and destroy our mother Earth. That’s why people should be more aware of nature. (the final lines make no connection with the essay)

You’ve misunderstood the question to a certain extent. It is not about plastic. Please maintain Task Response. Discuss grammar and other mistakes with me.

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