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IELTS Essay Correction: Direct Communication Between Teachers and Students.

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Today’s typical method of teaching involving direct communication between teachers and students will not exist by 2050. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give your own opinion and examples.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Teaching methods involving direct communication between pupils and teachers will eventually change by 2050. In my opinion, this is definitely true as today’s technological advancements such as EdX and Udemy (avoid writing specific examples in an introduction. Use them in the body paragraphs.) are a perfect replacement of direct communication and also makes education affordable and available to all. Moreover platforms such as YouTube and Whatsapp are also playing a major role in dispensing education to students with a much advanced and updated syllabus.

In my opinion, technological advancements have made on-line education not only more convenient and affordable but also more exciting and aligned to modern industry’s needs as compared to the traditional one-on-one communication. (plain and simple one sentence that you can explain in the body paragraphs.)

Technological advancements have developed enabled the development of websites such as EdX and Udemy which is are successfully providing skilful courses to students at affordable prices. No student would be is denied (Present tense in passive voice) admission or would be treated unequally here (here = this kind of ……) in this kind of communicative education system. For example, a recent survey conducted in Bangalore by a team of communication analysts showed that there is a powerful unexpectedly huge/ tremendous increase in the number of students, from 25 percent in the past 2000 to 68 percent at present, who prefer to study online than in a classroom based atmosphere. (Arguments are well placed and cohesive devised are used. Good job.)

In addition to this, students learn a much advanced and upgraded curriculum which enables them to be abreast with the global inventions (/ developments) (The underlined idea must run through all sentences of this paragraph. Without exception. Now, re-read this paragraph.). Social platforms such as YouTube and Whatsapp are also either (either or construction) continuously providing education or acting as catalysts in completing this process of education. Classroom based learning is being avoided by many students due to lack of updated syllabus and poor teaching methods. Education system is shifting online and this is a vast an important development in the history of education. (Could have been better written had you EXPLAINED the argument placed in the first sentence of this paragraph with an example. For instance, an an American Industry report claimed in 2016 that students who learn engineering from online platforms such as Youtube are more aware of latest techonological developments in their areas as compared to those to study in a classroom. The report claims that during the next two decades, more than 70 percent engineers will be educated online through these channels. Maintain context to suit 2050.)

In conclusion, 2050 will bring much advancement in the society, even in regards to as well as the education system and the direct communication system between the teacher and students would will most probably vanish. Online systems of education will provide much upgraded and affordable education to students than as compared to the traditional university or classroom based learning system.

Bands = 6.5 to 7.0. Discuss the mistakes with me.

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