IELTS Essay, Task 2, December 2017: Generation Gap Between Children, Their Parents and Grandparents.

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There is certainly a difference in thoughts, ideas and actions between children, their parents and grandparents. Why do these differences exist? Does it cause problems in your community, in your opinion?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Please note: I’ve underlined the chohesive devices and collocations.

Introduction: (Introduce the topic and MENTION why differences exist and what problems this causes.)

In a rapidly developing world the differences in opinion, attitude and lifestyle of children from those of parents and grand parents is obvious. This can be due to several reasons ranging from emergence of new technologies to influence of western cultures. This leads to various problems such as lack of inter-generation communication. (52 words)

Body Paragraph 1: (EXALAIN why differences exist)

Emerging technologies such as smartphones, mobile applications, laptops and video games create a cultural gap between two generations. While the parents prefer personal one-on-one interaction, children use Facebook and Twitter to communicate with friends. The gap is futher increased by the spread of western ideas in developing countries. This is evident in food habits of children, who prefer burgers and junk food, and parents who prefer home made traditional food. For instance, a recent research in India claimed that western cultural influence spread through international brands such as Levis, McDonalds, KFC and Facebook have decreased the time children spend with parents in 2017 by at least 35 percent as compared to 1990. This has tremendously increased the differences in thoughts, ideas and actions between the two generations. (128 words)

Body Paragraph 2: (EXPLAIN the problems)

These cultural differences result in a lack of communication between two generations which leads to improper guidance for youth on one hand and loss of cultural identity on the other. Social scientists have proved that if children and parents do not spend sufficient time eating food and discussing ideas, events, history and culture, a community will forget its culture within five generations. (63 words)

Conclusion: (Conclude the essay by either paraphrasing or writing about FUTURE)

In conclusion, the differences in ideas and attitude of children and parents are natural. However, these may seriously hamper the development of a society and lead to loss of identity. The differences should be bridged by encouraging the parents and children to spend more time with each other. (50 words)

Total Words = 293 words.

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