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IELTS Essay Correction: Congestion And Traffic Jams Are a Major Problem.

traffic jams IELTS PTE

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Nowadays, congestion and traffic jams are a comman and a major problem in most cities. Some people believe it is a good idea to construct wide roads to resolve this issue. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? What can be the possible solution in your opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.

Please go through the SAMPLE ANSWER.


In the age of modernization with rapidly emerging population, traffic jam is the a major  concern of most of the countries. Some people think that by widening the roads this problem can be solved. I completely disagree with this opinion. Let me explain my view and thoughts since ……. (mention resons supporting your opinion). (Of course you will explain your view. No need to state this. Use this space to write something meaningful.)

There are many reasons for this (are you talking about a specific traffic jam) traffic jams, most of the people have disposable money whch they can use to buy a vehicle and travelling travel (use for 2 things – buy …… ; travel ……. Parallelism) in the same, even at the smaller distance, which increase the traffic on roads. (The most important reason for traffic jams is increase in disposable income of people across the world. People use this money to purchase a vehicle and use it to travel for nearby places which leads to traffic jams.)

Secondly, people are always in a hurry. Consequently, they violates the traffic rules (Secondly, since people are always in a hurry, they violate traffic rules to reach their destination in time.). Moreover, Some people drive on the wrong side, which often leads to the blockage of roads (a road) for the cars comes from the right direction. Thirdly, people park their car anywhere on the road as per their convenience, which ultimately obstructs the vehicular movement.

(This paragraph states the reasons for traffic jams. However, the question is “can wider roads resolve this issue?” Task response score falls.)

However (I can’r see a contrast here that compels the use of however), a faction of people suggests that widen widening the roads could can be the a possible solution for this menace. In my perspective, the roads are already wide enough for commuters for to visit. To avoid this problem government should provide timely and effective public transport. This initiative will encourage the people to change the habbit of using vehicle to travel smaller distances. Moreover, people can opt for car pooling. This which will save the money and people can contribute. (which will – 2 things – save …..; contribute …… Parallelism) in the reduction of traffic jams. Additionally, government should take stringent action on those who violates violate the traffic rules, and cancelled cancel (tense issue) the licence of that the person who repeatedly flouting flouts the laws of traffic traffic laws.

In conclusion, the major cities all over the world is are confronting the traffic jam menace. I believe that combined efforts of public and government will work effectively here. Without support and cooperation this problem cannot be sort out solved.

Bands = 6.0

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