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IELTS Essay Correction: Hire Which Type of Employees – Independent and Innovative OR Team Workers?

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Some people think that recruiting companies should aim to hire people who are innovative and able to work independetly while others consider they should recruit people who are able to work in a team and follow.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.


40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Companies have contrasting views about the selection criteria of their employees. While some recruiters prefer the creative workers who can work alone, others select team-oriented candidates who can work effectively (collocation) and efficiently with others due to less chance of company’s failure. In my perspective, both choices are equally vital depending on the objectives of a company. (depends on – when depend is a verb. depending on – when depending is giving extra information and is NOT a verb. Example: Both choices depend (verb) on objectives of a company.)

On the one hand, individual performance of an employee reaches its peak when he is less restricted by the rules and regulation unlike of a team play. This is particularly seen in the companies where the success and profit depend on rely upon (word repetition: depend on) their employees’ creativity and innovative skills. An advertising company, where absolute freedom is provided to each employee to nurture his skills rather than imposing certain team regulations (perfect modifier), would be the a salient example for this. That is why, many people suggest that success of a an enterprenuership is highly attributed to the creativity of its employees.

Neverthless, companies who that/ which hire the team oriented applicants content contend that failure rate of their company would be rarely witnessed since the collective productivity (collocation) of team work is remarkably higher (collocation) as compared to individual performance. According to them, in a team work each individual is given certain task and he is motivated and guided by a prominent leader. This nature of work  reminds each employee about his responsibilities. A recent speech by the CEO of Seder Telecom Group, in Kuwait, highlightened highlighted that the profit rate of his the company jumped by 30% percent over the last 5 years when employees had participated in team work actively. It is therefore extremely (nope! Not a great collocation. Problem in lexical resource) widely believed by many recruiters (prefer active voice: Therefore, many recruiters widely believe that ……..) that success of a company is inexorably tied (collocation) to the team work of their workers.

In conclusion, the hiring policy of each company differs depending on its work strategies business strategy. In my opinion, while the solo performance of each individual is appreciated in an art company, working in a group is highly beneficial to other industries.

Bands = 7.0. 

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